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Welcome to the course project.

In this module you will create a short e-class using the Adobe Captivate®
application located on your computer. When developing the e-class you are
welcome to use the material presented in the previous modules and a rubric.
The rubric has the requirements of the project and associated point values.

The e-class you design will have five slides with non-distracting transitions
between them. One of the slides will be an instructor bio slide and another
will be an attribution slide at the end for proper citation of the media used.

The other three slides can be on a topic of your choice. You are invited to
be creative and experiment with the application. This is an opportunity for
you to put the application through its paces. If you run into a problem or
something is not working the way you want send me an email. If it sounds
like the problem cannot be rectified by email we will set up a time to meet
either by Skype or telephone.

Once you have published the e-class upload it to a server. Contact me by
email regarding the log-in and password information to access a directory on
my server. You are welcome to use any server to which you have access. If
that is the case send me an email with the link to your project.

Have fun with this project, when you have completed it go to the Assessment.
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