The Using Google® Docs course is a series of six modules designed to familiarize you with the Google® Docs environment
and teach you basic word processing skills.

Upon completion of this course you will know how to create, share, and store documents with Google
® Docs.

The six modules with links are:

 1. Opening Google Docs

                                                                      2. Create a New Document

                                                                      3. Create a New Folder

                                                                      4. Share a Document

                                                                      5. Edit a Document

                                                                      6. Upload a Document

To begin the lesson click on any of the links to a module shown above. The modules may be completed in any
order. The modules follow the Watch, Try, Do, and Assess method. First you will watch as the procedure for that module is
demonstrated. Then you will try the procedure yourself, with a little help. After you try it, practice the skill and then attempt
the assessment.

You will get three attempts to pass the assessment. If on the third try you are unsuccessful the program will send you to the
Watch section where you will retrain on that skill.

Level: N/A. Credit: N/A. Anticipated workload: 45 minutes to complete all six modules.

Instructor Contact Information
Instructor: Leon Hudson
Phone: (512) 913-8972
Office Hours: Available 24 hours via text or email. Available from 8 am to 4 pm Central time on Monday through Friday,
excluding holidays.
Leon@TexEdEx.com (Always include "Using Google Docs - Name - Subject" in the subject line of the email.)
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