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Since 1996 I have been a firefighter with the Austin Fire Department. Prior to my current position I have had a
myriad of experiences. After 25+ years in the military having served as a military policeman, a bomb disposal
technician, and as an intelligence officer I retired in October 2005.

Education and training have always played a large part in my life. As a bomb technician I helped develop and
presented instruction on explosive safety, bomb-threat evacuation drills, and search procedures to military
and civilian audiences. As a training officer, company executive officer, and company commander for a
linguist company I conducted, assessed, evaluated, and determined additional training needs for 150 soldiers
who were fluent in over 20 languages. This training involved language education and cultural awareness
which were necessities since these soldiers were deployed all over the world.

As a new instructor at the
LBJ High School Fire Academy in Austin, Texas I will employ the skills learned in this
program to improve the quality of education for the cadets. Improving education for the fire service as a whole
will be accomplished by sharing what I have learned with others through presenting fire instructor
development classes and writing articles in fire industry periodicals.

About the e-Portfolio:

The Master's e-Portfolio is an assessment of knowledge and skills gained in the Educational Technology program at The
University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College. The e-Portfolio reflects progress and growth over time
showing my body of work that reflect the achievement of six professional responsibilities addressed in the Master of Education
in Educational Technology program.

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